Medieval Bookmarks Collection 

Medieval Lady, Fairytale or Medieval Knight Bookmark, counted cross stitch kits including counted cross stitch pattern and all materials

Victorian Garden, Medieval Herb Garden, Orangery or Fairytale Bookmark, counted cross stitch kits including counted cross stitch pattern and all materials.  Medieval Herb Garden names herbs commonly used in Medieval Kitchens.

Bookmarks stitched on 15-count Aida fabric.  Kit includes Aida band and needle, 6-strand embroidery cotton, full charted instructions, felt or tartan Ribbon for backing and Tassel.  Finished project measures 7" x 2". 

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N/A Medieval Lady Bookmark Kit  - Sorry Sold Out! N/A
Victorian Garden Bookmark Kit  $15.95
Medieval Herb Garden Bookmark Kit $15.95
Orangery Bookmark Cross Stitch Kit $15.95
Fairytale Bookmark Cross Stitch Kit  $15.95
N/A Medieval Knight Bookmark Kit - Sorry Sold Out! N/A

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Quick Facts

  • The feudal system survived particularly in England and Wales throughout the middle ages whereby in return for protection and the use of the local nobleman's land the serfs had to pay taxes and serve in his army

  •  Knighthoods were bestowed on those of noble birth or who displayed great valor

  • The ladies of noble birth amongst other duties developed the arts of needlework which we all love today

  • Even today, centuries after the collapse of the feudal system in Britain there are remnants throughout the country from the magnificent castles to the honorary titles still bestowed on distinguished persons

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