Arelate Studio Chart Collection

Arelate Studios - Musical Angels Chart
Musical Angels
Arelate Studios - Putto and Pomegranates Chart
Putto and Pomegranates
Arelate Studios - Bayeux Birds Chart
Bayeux Birds
Arelate Studios - Medieval Mermaids Chart
Medieval Mermaids
Arelate Studios - Bunny Battle Chart
Bunny Battle
Arelate Studios - Victorious Griffin Chart
Victorious Griffin
 Arelate Studios - I Love You Medieval Lovers Chart
I Love You - Medieval Lovers
Arelate Studios - Fanfare and Flourishes Chart
Fanfare and Flourishes
Arelate Studios - Bright Ship Chart
Bright Ship
Arelate Studios - Grand Old Duke Chart
Grand Old Duke
 Arelate Studios -  Safe Voyage Chart
Safe Voyage
Arelate Studios - Fierce Warriors Chart
Fierce Warriors
Arelate Studios - Best Friends Chart
Best Friends
Arelate Studios - A Luxuriance of Lions Chart
A Luxuriance of Lions
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Arelate Studios - Ferocious Beastie Chart
Ferocious Beastie
Arelate Studios - A Bird and It's Playmates Chart
A Bird and It's Playmates
Arelate Studios - A Notorious Knight Chart
Notorious Knight    
Arelate Studios - A Sampling of Steeds Chart
A Sampling of Steeds
Arelate Studios - Line Dancing Chart
Line Dancing  
Arelate Studios - Dappled Unicorn Chart
Dappled Unicorn
Arelate Studios - Happily Ever After Wedding Chart
Happily Ever After Wedding
Arelate Studios - Mounted Monkey Chart
Mounted Monkey    
Arelate Studios - Inspired by Mary Rabbit
Inspired by Mary Rabbit
 Arelate Studios - Inspired by Mary Squirrel Chart
Inspired by Mary Squirrel
Arelate Studios - Midnight at the Oasis Chart
Midnight at the Oasis
Arelate Studios - The Owl and the Wyvern Chart
The Owl and the Wyvern
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Arelate Studios - Here Be Drolleries Book of 400 Charts
Here Be Drolleries - Sorry Discontinued
Arelate Studios - Here Be Wyverns Book of 400 Charts
Here Be Wyverns
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   $29.95 each

Each of these beautifully illustrated books includes over 400 patterns graphed from medieval sources bound in a spiral bound book of over 190 pages.   The patterns can be used for any kind of needlework and handwork, such as cross-stitch, knitting, or crochet, for weaving or mosaic work, or even for stenciling a child's room.

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