Celtic Brooches 


Choose from our selection of Traditional Celtic Brooches from Art Pewter Silver of Scotland. 

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APS-035 Thistle Brooch

APS-157 Eternal Interlace

APS-159 Lindisfarne Interlace

APS-160 Triune Interlace

APS-161 Glenochil Interlace

APS-162 Lindisfarne Knotwork

APS-164 Eternal Interlace

APS-206 Four Mary's Brooch
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APS-035 Thistle Brooch $34.95
APS-157 Eternal Interlace Brooch $32.95
APS-159 Lindisfarne Interlace Brooch $27.95
APS-160 Triune Interlace Brooch $32.95
APS-161 Glenochil Brooch $32.95
APS-162 Lindisfarne Knotwork Brooch $32.95
APS-164 Eternal Rectangular Interlace Brooch $29.95
APS-206 Four Marys Brooch $29.95

Our jewellery and clan crests are hand wrought in old fashioned Pewter, an ancient alloy of tin, lead and copper, in use for 1,000 years or more. Pewter does not contain silver.  The silver appearance is in fact a plated finish of Palladium (similar to Platinum) which, unlike silver, is resistant to tarnishing and will not scratch readily.  Items with a Gold finish are 23 carat electroplated.

     Art Pewter Silver Limited


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