Courtney Davis Irish Greeting Cards

Please note: This range is discontinued and is being sold out fast!

Harp of Brian Boru

Sorry Sold Out!
Courtney Davis Card #02 Harp of Dagda
Harp of Dagda
Newgrange Spiral

Sorry Sold Out!
Magical Moment

Sorry Sold Out!
Passage of Light

Sorry Sold Out!
Each card is blank on the inside allowing you to insert your own greeting

Knotwork Shamrock

Sorry Sold Out!
Courtney Davis Card #07 Finn
Courtney Davis Card #08 Icon of St. Patrick
Icon of St. Patrick
Courtney Davis Card #09 The Brigid's Fire
Brigid's Fire
Courtney Davis Card #10 Shamrock Claddagh
Shamrock Claddagh
and comes with a color coordinated envelope and short history.
Courtney Davis Card #11 Irish Dancer
Irish Dancer
Courtney Davis Card #12 Irish Harp
Irish Harp
Courtney Davis Card #13 Shamrock
Courtney Davis Card #14 Irish Prancer
Irish Prancer
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   $3.95 each

All cards measure 5" square

animated pointing finger

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