Dinky Dyes Designs Celtic Collection


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Celtic Wedding Sampler Celtic Birth Sampler Celtic Celebration Sampler
Celtic Heart Knot Celtic Diamond Knot Celtic Cross
Best Friends Celtic Heart Mother
Blossoms Snowflake Ornament Celtic Sister Sampler
Celtic Knot Garden From the Ashes Shiraz Sampler
The Dreaming Southern Stars Terra Australius
Lots-A-Knots Celtic Welcome (100,000 Welcomes) An Irish Blessing
Lightening Ridge Happy Holidays Ornaments

Click on pictures for larger image and more details

Choose from various designs including Celtic Wedding Sampler, Celtic Birth Sampler, Celtic Sister Sampler, Celtic Heart Knot, Celtic Diamond Knot, Celtic Cross, Best Friends, Celtic Heart, Mother, Celtic Knot Garden, Celtic Welcome and Snowflake Ornament.  We also stock the special thread packs recommended for these charts.


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Dinky Dyes Charts
DD01 Celtic Wedding Sampler Chart $11.95
DD02 Celtic Birth Sampler Chart $8.95
DD03 Celtic Sister Sampler Chart $7.95
DD04 Celtic Heart Knot Chart $3.45
DD05  Celtic Diamond Knot Chart $3.95
DD06  Celtic Cross Chart $7.95
DD07 Best Friends Chart $3.95
DD08 Celtic Heart Chart $3.95
DD09 Mother Chart $4.95
DD10 Celtic Knot Garden Chart $9.95
DD11 Snowflake Ornament Chart $2.95
DD12 Shiraz Sampler Chart $9.95
DD13 The Dreaming Chart $7.95
DD14 Southern Stars Chart $7.95
DD15 Celtic Welcome Chart $11.95
DD16 An Irish Blessing Chart $11.95
DD17 From the Ashes Sampler Chart $9.95
DD18 Celtic Celebration Sampler Chart $9.95
DD19 Lots-A-Knots Chart $7.95
DD20 Terra Australius Chart $7.95
DD21 Blossom Chart with Silk Pack $5.95
DD22 Lightening Ridge Chart $7.95
Dinky Dyes Cotton and Silk Packs
Celtic Wedding Sampler 100% Silk Thread Pack $47.95
Celtic Birth Sampler Cotton Thread Pack $20.95
Celtic Sister Sampler Cotton Thread Pack $9.95
Celtic Heart Knot Cotton Thread Pack $3.95
Celtic Cross Cotton Thread Pack $10.95
Celtic Heart Cotton Thread Pack $4.95
Celtic Knot Garden Cotton Thread Pack $25.95
Shiraz Sampler 100% Silk Thread Pack $27.95

The Dreaming 100% Silk Thread Pack $11.95
Southern Stars 100% Silk Thread Pack $11.95
Celtic Welcome Cotton Thread Pack $28.95
An Irish Blessing 100% Silk Thread Pack $47.95
Lightening Ridge 100% Silk Thread Pack $11.95
Dinky Dyes Combined Charts and Silk Packs
Happy Holidays Christmas Ornament Chart & Silk Pack $20.95

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