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Brass Rubbing is a medieval art form where a sheet of paper is stretched across the brass plates commonly found on tombs and churches in Europe, and an impression taken using special hard waxes.  Whether your interest is historical characters or "Dragons Dreams and Derring Do", our kits provide an educational (a great many of our kits go to schools and libraries) and fun activity. Your children can create a picture to hang proudly on their bedroom walls, to use in birthday party invites, to decorate your fridge or wherever takes their fancy.   

What are Brass Rubbings - Click Here to Find Out

Laminated Plastic on Card Kits

Each kit comes with a molded figure attached to a stiff card, 10 sheets of paper and enough wax to do 10 rubbings (and much more - these wax stick last a long time).  Choose from British monarchs (pre and post-union), historic and mythical characters, Scots, Vikings, Romans, Robin Hood, Knights, dinosaurs, wild animals and many other categories.

Elizabeth I of England - Children's Brass Rubbing Kit

Elizabeth I Kit



$9.95 each

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Click on picture to see a few larger rubbings from the many kits available.  To purchase click item in drop box & then click on "Add to cart" button
The Black Prince The Wizard - Gandalf has got nothing on this magician! Roman Legionary Move over Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings - our Dragon is the real deal
Mary Queen of Scots William Shakespeare Roman Gladiator Stegasaurus
Robert the Bruce Scots Piper Robin Hood Lion
Henry VIII Edward Courtenay Bonnie Prince Charlie - "The Young Pretender" Roman Merchant Ship
Wax and paper color in kit may not match illustrations above.  Kits come with 10 sheets of paper (colors of wax and paper varies with each kit).

Deluxe Kits

Sadly these kits are going out of production - however we have managed to get a limited quantity of each design.  Each kit comprises a black molded plaque with beautiful golden raised design, 10 sheets of paper and enough wax to do 10 rubbings and much more.  Choose from London's historic Houses of Parliament - famous for its gunpowder plot and its Big Ben clock tower, or various famous British Royals.  These designs are suitable for either making fun rubbings or beautiful wall hangings.

London's Houses of Parilament plaque - where the United Kingdom's upper and lower houses sit
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Queen Elizabeth 1 of England Brass Rubbing 
Elizabeth I
Henry VIII of England Brass Rubbing 
Henry VIII
The Black Prince Brass Rubbing 
The Black Prince

$10.95 each

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Why not get some extra wax and paper or a wall hanging frame for your kit.  Click on pictures for a larger image.

Choose from a set of 4 mini-waxes (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Green) or from 3 large wax sticks (Gold, Silver or Bronze) Choose 5.5" wide hanger for rubbings made from kits or a 7" wide hanger for larger rubbings
Wax mini kit and individual large waxes
(Note Waxes may be by Abbey or Cirencester)
5.5" Wall hanger - click to see uses
Qty  Description                           


25 sheets assorted color rubbing paper (8.5" x 5.7") $2 .4 5
Pack of four multicolored wax mini sticks$4 .95
Large (3.7" long) wax stick (Gold) $6.95
Large (3.7" long) wax stick (Silver) $6 .95
Large (3.7" long) wax stick (Bronze) $6 .95
Mini hanging frame (5.5" wide) $1 .95
Medium hanging frame (7" wide - for larger rubbings) $2.4 5


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