Great Bear Sampler Collection 

Bless This House Welcome Home Time Spent Stitching
Sleep Tight Tonight The Fall Fair The Herb Garden
Tickle it WIth a Hoe The Fox & the Farm Fall Fair Sampler

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Large color chart and instructions.  Stitch counts vary - see below.

    © Great Bear Canada

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GBC102 Bless This House Chart (98 x 122) $11.95
GBC103 Welcome Home Chart (115 x 200) $11.95
GBC112 Time Spent Stitching Chart (143 x 143)   $11.95
GBC111 Sleep Tight Tonight Chart (145 x 184) $11.95
GBC104 The Fall Fair X-Stitch Chart (185 x 259) $11.95
GBC107 The Herb Garden Chart (117 x 180)   $11.95
GBC106 Tickle it With a Hoe Chart (110 x 149) $11.95
GBC101 The Fox & The Farm Chart (114 x 156) $11.95
GBC105 Fall Fair Sampler Chart (104 x 218) $11.95

Time Spent Stitching Wording - "God Does Not Deduct From One's Allotted Span The Time Spent In Stitching"

The Herb Garden Wording - "In a sunny sheltered spot, plant herbs from the center out.  Moisten well and water regularly until the herbs settle in."

Tickle it with a hoe Wording - "Tickle it with a Hoe And it will Laugh Into a Harvest.  Old English Proverb."



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